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Vintage Bohemian Updo

Added data: 10.04.2012
Vintage Bohemian Up-Do VINTAGE BOHEMIAN UP-DO >>
The messy updo hairstyle is always a favorite for any formal occasion or night out such as a the Prom. The style features soft waves all over pulled back loosely into a low chignon. Top layers of the hair have been sprial curled for a very soft, feminine look. Add highlights and lowlights throughout the hair for added dimension and sparkle. This is an all-time favorite for formal occasions. It is definitely an head-turning style that will complement any type of dress. Minimal accessories required.

You know those girls - the ones with the perfectly messy hair that looks stunning all the time. I hate those girls. When I try to look like my hair is just naturally fabulous and I did it on my way out the door, I look like I didn't bother to deal with the bed head when I woke up. Not a pretty look. But this tutorial has changed all that. I can quickly and easily do an up do that works just as well running errands as it does for a night on the town. This style is PERFECT for the days I don't shampoo! Try it out today. You'll thank me!

Super simple, but it looks like you spent forever. I mean what more does a hair style need?

The Quick and Easy WaVintage Bohemian Updo !

By Sara Johnson

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