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8 Hot New Color Trends

Added data: 27.07.2012
Primrose Yellow - This mustard-yellow is a welcome change to last season's acid-neon yellow. We love how it looks as a print, or as a topper in a colorblocked ensemble
Burnt Orange - Not quite as vibrant as the oranges of seasons past, we're kind of feeling this softer, dustier orange that so sharp, paired with black accents.
Eggplant - Though deep purple lipsticks have been a trend for years now, the color is now making waves on the runways as well.
Royal Blue - This striking, true blue is still a designer favorite - but who can blame 'em? This super-saturated hue provides a beautiful contrast to black basics.
Peach - We've already talked about how much we loved all the peach last season, but we need to go over it again. More badass than last season's pale pink and less in-your-face than hot pink, peach is going to be the new neutral this fall
Deep Teal - In rich textures like velvet, crepe silk, and satin, an inky teal is a lovely option for nighttime dressing.
Venetian Red - We love the idea of wearing a structured, nubby jacket this fall, in a deep, rust-red scarlet. Cerulean - Move over, Tiffany-box blue, there's a new turquoise in town. This bright blue shade is youthful and fresh-feeling, and looks just right with a splash of sparkle.


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